Hello, I am Sean Metzgar

I am a passionate technology enthusiast from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania specializing Website Development, Information Architecture and User Experience Engineering. If you're a business, non-profit organizanization or start-up in need of some technical know-how, I'd like to help you succeed.

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Website Development

I offer a wide gamut of web development capabilities for your project. Wether it's serverside or clientside, I have experience with many of the core languages used in today's fast-paced development environment.

Website Analytics

Tracking user interactions is one of the most vital, yet overlooked steps of web applications and sites (both large and small). I'll work with you identify and track all vital information to create the best experience for your clients.

Information Architecture

Even the simplest of tools starts with a blueprint, why shouldn't your website?—After all, it is your most important sales tool. We'll sit down together and create a layout for how your users should interact with your website or application.

Data Architecture

Similar to Information Architecture, your data shouldn't just be thrown into a database all willy-nilly like. I'll take the time to map out how your most valuable information will be stored and retreived to maximize the efficieny of your website or application.

Website Optimization

Progress bars are the worst! We've all been there, you go to a website, and you wait... and wait... Not everyone has the patience to sit around waiting for your website to load. I'll do a thorough audit of your site, and correct key issues to ensure it loads as quickly as possible for both mobile and desktop users.

Email Setup & Migration

Still using that awful email that came with your hosting package? No problem, I can help you migrate to a more modern, cloud-based system like "G Suite" by Google or "Microsoft Office 365". In addition to setting everything up, I'll make sure your old emails make the transition as well.

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